Tokyo, Japan · born in 1987
[email protected]


Nanameue Inc.2016–2019, 2022-present
Front-end developer
  • Primary stacks consist of Next.js with Redux and Ruby on Rails. Products varies from a twitter-like social network with millions of users, a web application featuring an NTF marketplace, and a web3 dashboard that interacts with Ethereum contracts.
  • Specialised in implementing off-the-grid designs and interactive and animating graphs and charts.
  • Formerly Senior Front-end/Rails developer. Relocated to Thailand once in 2019, returned in 2022.
Data Wow Co., Ltd.2019–2022
Front-end development team leader
  • Developed web applications using Ruby on Rails, Next.js, and Redux. Adopted Docker for development environment. Primary project was a video call platform with an e-commerce service.
  • In my younger days I could hardly imagine myself being a team leader, but I was one then. So stuff like reports, process trackings, and task management were my new norm.
Oozou Limited2012–2014
Front-end/Rails developer
  • Developed web applications using on Ruby on Rails and AngularJS. Products varied from a startup management system, a real estate management system, a wiki system with a medium-like text editor, and an asset management system with interactive graphs.
  • Switched to VIM, one of my best decision ever.
Thomson Reuters Software Thailand2010–2012
Software engineer
  • Developed a content management application platform using C# WebForm. Maintained and improved Thread-based Windows Service.
  • Adapted an existing complex CSS and JavaScript to support modern browsers.
Front-end developer
  • Developed a custom city map and point of interests web application using C# MVC, and a content management system using PHP.


University of St Andrews ·
Maynooth University
2014 – 2016
MSc in Dependable Software Systems
(Erasmus Mundus two years programme)
BSc in Computer Science (2nd honour)